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The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) invests in research, development and extension (RD&E) on behalf of egg producers, the community at large and the government.

Research (R) and Development (D) is a systematic experimentation or analysis carried out to acquire or apply knowledge for any aspect of marketing, processing, storage, transport or production as it relates to the Australian egg industry. Extension (E) is how results may be adopted out on the farm.

Funds for RD&E are provided via egg producers who pay a levy, matched by the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture.

The scope of AECL’s RD&E operations covers the entire supply chain: from farm inputs, to egg products and by-products.

Although the main focus is to provide innovative on-farm solutions and improvements in efficiency, all associated production factors are relevant, including:

  • consumer needs and expectations
  • nutritional factors
  • market demand
  • supply-chain
  • waste management
  • and quality control.

Research projects produce data, information and outputs that are used to generate research outcomes. These outcomes include:

  • improving the efficiency of egg production systems
  • ensuring continuous improve on farm
  • ensuring the sustainability of egg production and
  • informing the industry's many stakeholders.

Information and tools are developed and provided as resources to improve the efficiency of egg production and to inform the industry’s many stakeholders. Each research project will have outcomes directed towards a specific target market or audience depending upon their location within the supply chain.

To find out more about what the RD&E program is up to in 2015/16, please click through here to open the most recent version of the RD&E Activities Brochure.

Overall, the RD&E strategy has three main focuses:

1) AECL’s long-term RD&E strategy

Long term, AECL's strategy involves challenges such as:

  • animal welfare
  • environmental sustainability
  • feed availability and nutrition
  • flock health and disease management
  • food safety and human nutrition
  • training and technology transfer, and quality control.

2) AECL’s short-term RD&E strategy

 AECL prioritises R&D into four major programs to more effectively focus our support for the benefit of the industry.

  • Hen welfare & best practice production systems Efficient and economical egg production that enhances hen welfare
  • Product quality High egg quality and production efficiency
  • Skills & knowledge development Capacity development, extension and delivery of R&D outcomes
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Facilitating improvements in quality and the ability to meet production challenges.

3) AECL’s immediate RD&E priorities

Specific focus of research projects commencing in 2016:

  • Improved productivity of free-range laying hens through the characterisation of sub-populations and development of targeted feeding strategies
  • The risk of Salmonella on-farm mitigated through an assesment of current Salmonella intervention strategies
  • Development of tools to effectively manage Salmonella in the supply chain

Apply for funding

Any organisation, company or individual is eligible for support to undertake R&D activity that addresses AECL's key long term and immediate research priorities.

If you believe you or your organisation have an idea that could maximise benefits and revenue for the industry and minimise costs, please contact us at

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