Changes to funding applications for the 2015-16 financial year

Please be aware of changes to The Australian Egg Corporation Limited’s (AECL’s) open call for the On-Farm Innovation and Efficiency Program.

AECL will not hold an open tender for research proposals for funding to commence in the 2015-16 financial year. This is because of current research and budget prioritisation.

AECL is currently planning to start the tender process in specific topic areas in late 2015. 

We are always open to discussing new ideas for research so if you have any questions, want to be notified directly of the tender announcement or wish to discuss any ideas in development, please contact us at


For funding to commence in each financial year, AECL invites submissions of Preliminary Research Proposals (PRPs) followed by Full Research Proposals (FRPs) or submissions are invited via a tender process. All research proposals must address AECL's Research, Development and Extension priorities. The latest priorities can be viewed here AECL RD&E strategy priorities 2012. The strategies and priorities can also be viewed on the About R&D page of this website. 

In essence, AECL is looking for proposals that address the key desired outcomes of:

  • improving the profitability of egg production systems
  • providing health and nutritional information for consumers
  • and ensuring the sustainability of egg production.

Please read the guidelines carefully, to ensure that your proposal meets our needs and expectations.

Preliminary Research Proposals (PRPs)

PRPs must be in the correct format, should not exceed two pages in length and should not be accompanied by additional supporting information. Proposals should clearly and concisely identify the expected outcomes of proposed projects. In essence, applicants should show why their proposal represents a sound investment for AECL's stakeholders. PRPs will be assessed against formal selection criteria as detailed in the application guidelines.

If a researcher is applying for support from two or more R&D Corporations, the most appropriate ‘lead' Corporation should be determined, and the research submission prepared in the way advised by that Corporation. If AECL is being asked to finance more than 50 per cent of the project, we should be considered the lead Corporation.

AECL does not usually approve projects for longer than five years. However, we recognise that some work takes more time and follow-up projects can be anticipated. AECL will also consider support for short-term activities that seek to prepare the ground for subsequent longer-term proposals.

Full Research Proposals (FRPs)

If a PRP is considered a priority and the industry benefits are clear, AECL will send an invitation to submit an FRP. Support for new projects can commence in or after July of that year. Projects must finish at least three months before the end of a financial year.

AECL manages investment funds for the Australian egg industry and the Australian community.  Its primary responsibility is to invest those funds in a manner that offers the best return on the investment.  Allowing for its obligations to community interests, AECL's objectives are essentially commercial. 

Many R&D investments involve long lead times, only modest chances of success, slow rates of adoption, and the risk that any breakthrough may be as valuable to competitors as to the targeted industries.  All of these factors are taken into account when assessing an R&D proposal. Applicants are asked to show within FRPs why their project represents a sound investment opportunity for the industry.

FRP applications and guidelines can be downloaded here AECL FRP guidelines and application 2015-16

Travel and conference funding

AECL support is also available all year round for travel/conference funding. Please contact Sue Byrne, RD&E Project Coordinator by email or by phone on 02 9409 6999.

Key dates 

Activity Date
Call for PRPs September
Deadline for PRPs mid November
Advice on PRPs/invitations for FRPs  early February
Deadline for FRPs late March
Advice on FRPs June
Commencement of research contracts July - onwards Dec
Travel Requests All year (min 3 months notice)


For further information

To find out more, please contact the R&D team at or by phone on 02 9409 6999.

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