Where egg producers’ levy has been invested

The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) makes investments in Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) on behalf of the Australian egg industry. We must, therefore, provide excellent outcomes, and excellent value for money.

AECL continues to strongly support basic and applied research through an open proposal round. This part of the program represents approximately 40-50% of the total R&D budget. 

Preliminary proposals from interested research bodies are submitted to meet key research priorities set by AECL. The proposals are then assessed by the On Farm Innovation and Efficiency Industry Consultative Committee. 

Developing solutions for Australia's egg producers

AECL’s RD&E operations strive to provide solutions for Australia’s egg producers and industry stakeholders across the supply chain.

AECL continues to invest heavily in R&D initiatives on behalf of the egg industry. This program is funded through a levy on egg farmers, which is matched by funds from the Australian Government. 

The program has recently been enhanced to reflect industry demands, while maintaining a demonstrable commitment to the Government's stated R&D priorities.

AECL is one of 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs). RDCs bring industry and researchers together to establish research and development strategic directions and to fund projects that provide industry with the innovation and productivity tools to compete in global markets.

Outcomes of our RD&E research projects include:

  • improving egg quality
  • increasing the efficiency and profitability of egg production systems
  • providing health and nutritional information for consumers
  • and ensuring the sustainability of egg production.

Information and tools are developed and provided as resources to enable producers to improve the efficiency of their egg production systems and to inform the industry’s many stakeholders.

Each research project will have outcomes directed towards a specific target market or audience depending upon their location within the supply chain. Project reports are peer reviewed to ensure that the information is of the highest quality and then the findings are released to the relevant audience.


R&D is prioritised into four major subprograms to more effectively focus our support for the benefit of the industry.

Hen Welfare and Best Practice Production Systems Program A program targeted towards generating environmentally and economically sustainable egg production in all systems covering the key scientific research and development disciplines relating to hen welfare and hen health including disease management, nutrition, uniformity, feed availability and environmental stewardship.

Product Quality Program A program targeted towards delivering key scientific research and development disciplines relating to egg quality and characterisation, human nutrition, food safety and supply chain management to maximise production efficiency.

Skills & Knowledge Development Program A program targeted towards school-aged children and the egg industry providing resources and teaching aids promoting the virtues of eggs and enhancing the credibility of the egg industry while building industry capacity through extension, training and communication of R&D outcomes to undertake best practice egg production thereby improving on-farm and through chain productivity.

Quality Assurance (QA) Program A program targeted towards increasing adoption and improvement of the industry’s quality assurance program in the scopes of food safety, hen health, farm quarantine & biosecurity, environmental management, egg labelling and hen welfare to ensure high-quality egg production, continual market access and industry credibility.

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