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  • Investigating Sanitation of Surface Water for Poultry using Chlorine-IBDV Models

    UM 51ASignificant numbers of commercial poultry production sites in Australia rely on surface waters (dams, creeks and rivers) as their major source of drinking water. Exposure of surface water to wild birds can pose disease risks from serious avian pathogens to commercial flocks meaning risk assessment for biosecurity is crucial. This report reviewed the main methodologies used for water sanitation in Australia and indicated that chlorination is the most appropriate technology for poultry sites, if effective treatment can be assured. 

  • Detection of vvIBDV strains and Australian variants in poultry

    CSA 2JAThis topic of this study is the very virulent infectious bursal disease virus (vvIBDV) and was carried out in order to develop a diagnostic test for potentially infected poultry. The study also aimed to confirm that all strains can be differentiated, to further characterise existing strains, and to determine the prevalence of different strains in Australia.

  • Diagnostic tools for differentiation of vvIBDV and characterisation of Australian strains

    CSA 15JAThis study aimed to develop a rapid detection tool for vvIBD strains, and to demonstrate that changes in these strains can be clearly differentiated from overseas strains.

  • Investigating sanitation of surface water for poultry using chlorine - IBDV models

    MU 1AATo minimise the spread of disease, chlorination has been identified as the most appropriate and cost effective method for treating surface water in the poultry industry. This study was undertaken in order to develop a process for quantifying and managing the risk of surface water contamination in Australian poultry production.

  • Rapid identification and pathotyping of virulent IBDV, NDV and AI isolates

    CSA 24JAThe objectives for this project were the development, evaluation and implementation of molecular diagnostic tests for the rapid identification of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and avian influenza virus (AIV).

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