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  • Canola meal and Cottonseed meal in broiler and layer diets

    DAQ 264JThis proposes that the Australian egg and poultry industry to incorporate canola and cottonseed meal in poultry diets. Canola and cottonseed meal is proven to be both economical and high in protein.

  • Legumes for poultry: Improvement of lupins and lathyrus for broilers and egg layers by enzyme treatment

    UWA02This research is aimed at making locally-produced legumes, lupins and lathyrus, acceptable substitutes for expensive imports such as soybean meal or animal-protein meals for inclusion in poultry diets. Researchers investigated the role that pectinase enzymes might play in improving the nutritive value of these legumes to increase the digestion of nutrients, improve food conversion efficiency and, at the same time, reduce excessive water intake, wet droppings and soiled eggs associated with these legumes. 

  • The net energy values of the Australian feed ingredients for poultry

    UNE 82JThis publication contains data on the net energy values of some cereal grains and vegetable protein sources that are commonly used in the Australian poultry broiler and layer industries. It presents preliminary comparative results on performance of broilers fed diets formulated using net energy (NE) and apparent metabolisable energy (AME) values.

  • Investigating the cause of Miliary Hepatitis in laying chickens

    DAV 226JAMiliary hepatitis can cause mortalities and loss of egg production in chickens. The cause is unknown. This trial attempted to establish a model of the disease, so that preventative and control measures can be undertaken.

  • Investigations into the management of the darkling beetle

    DAQ 244JAThe darkling beetle is capable of transmitting diseases between chickens. This study reports on previous investigations into the insecticide resistance of darkling beetles, and highlights the need for a control plan.

  • Total and Digestible Tryptophan Contents of Feedstuffs for Poultry

    11 Feed and Nutrition FNThis report reviews the amino acid tryptophan which is an essential amino acid in the diet of Australian poultry. Reliable values of total and digestible tryptophan in feedstuffs are needed because tryptophan is often the third most limiting amino acid in poultry diets. Understanding the inclusion of tryptophan in poultry diets will also facilitate the strategic use of commercially available synthetic, feed-grade tryptophan in the Australian poultry industry.

  • Infectious Bursal Disease Virus

    CSK 3AJAThe project was initiated in response to reports in 1995 that a more severe strain of IBDV was presenting in Victoria and NSW. The study aims to characterise these strains, to compare  local IBDV strains with those of other countries, and to determine whether current vaccines provide protection against the recently identified aggressive strains.

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