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  • Further development of a live attenuated vaccine for chicken anaemia virus

    UM 55AAThis study is a follow up to a previous study on chicken anaemia virus and the improvement of a Live Attenuated Vaccine for the virus. The aim of this project was to perform a full assessment of the potential of the mutants developed thus far, determining their safety and efficacy as vaccines delivered in day old chicks.

  • Prevalence, genetic relationships and pathogenicity of intestinal spirochaetes infecting Australian poultry

    UME 2EAThis research aimed to: determine whether fastidious anaerobic intestinal spirochaetal bacteria, or a similar bacteria, was present in Australia; to isolate and characterise this bacteria; and to test the pathogenic potential of the disease.

  • Alternative protein sources for laying hens

    IMG 3The need to expand the protein options available to the poultry industry was the catalyst for this study. The increasing worldwide demand for chicken, particularly in developing countries, will mean that the poultry industry will need to come up with agriculturally and economically sustainable feedstuffs that will provide chickens with protein.

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