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  • Layer Hen Manure Analysis Report

    Layer Hen Manure AnalysisPoultry layer manure and litter composition data are essential for accurately determining sustainable application rates of manure to crops and pastures. This study collected some 20 samples of manure and litter from five different layer production systems from all major production regions in Australia.  Compared to data previously reported for Australian layer manure and litter, there are several trends that can be observed which are likely to be the result of new management systems (belt manure removal) which produce manure with significantly shorter in-shed residence times compared to high rise sheds.

  • Impact of sorghum ergot in layer hens

    GRD 4AA2Though sorghum is an important component of layer hen diet, it is highly susceptible to contamination of sorghum ergot. This project aims to determine the safe practical limits for use of ergot contaminated sorghum grain in layer diets.

  • Investigating sanitation of surface water for poultry using chlorine - IBDV models

    MU 1AATo minimise the spread of disease, chlorination has been identified as the most appropriate and cost effective method for treating surface water in the poultry industry. This study was undertaken in order to develop a process for quantifying and managing the risk of surface water contamination in Australian poultry production.

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