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  • Canola meal and Cottonseed meal in broiler and layer diets

    DAQ 264JThis proposes that the Australian egg and poultry industry to incorporate canola and cottonseed meal in poultry diets. Canola and cottonseed meal is proven to be both economical and high in protein.

  • Nutritive value of Lupins for laying hens

    DAS 44AAThe overall aim of this research project was to provide producers and feed formulators with clear guidelines on the economics of using whole and de-hulled lupins and the need for inclusion of enzymes in layer diets containing lupins.

  • The Relationship Between Calcium Nutrition, Appetite, Growth, Production and Skeletal Development in Early Egg

    DAV 143AAThis research report examines the relationship between body weight, feed intake, calcium nutrition, egg production and skeletal calcium content in three experiments using imported brown egg layers. The research also aims to evaluate the body weight standards provided by the international breeding companies in relationship to the appetite and growth problems identified in Australia.

  • Effects of diet composition, gut microbial status and feed forms on cannibalism in layers

    UNE 72AAThe project aimed to identify both nutritional and husbandry factors that may contribute to increase cannibalism, and to develop strategies to minimise it.

  • Enhancing mucosal immunity in chickens

    US 72AInfection in chickens caused by microbial pathogens at the intestinal surface can be a challenge for the Australian poultry industry. However, there are a number of novel vaccination strategies which can enhance antibody production and reduce the incidence of infection and ultimately improve flock health and performance. The series of experiments in this study seek to evaluate these techniques and determine the most effective method for improving chickens’ antibody production levels. These include delivery of mammalian substances to embryos that are known to stimulate an immune response. In particular, the delivery of dietary supplements Vitamin E and the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) were assessed.

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