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  • Diagnosing Avian Respiratory Diseases

    DAQ 200AARespiratory diseases are a major cause of economic losses to the Australian chicken meat and egg industries. This study reports on the development of a quick new diagnostic process to identify two strains of respiratory disease.

  • Marek's disease research in Australia - a review

    RM 1AAThis project is part of a series of trials to evaluate the efficacy of existing vaccines against a particularly virulent strain of Marek's disease which presented in the early 1990's.

  • Infectious Bursal Disease Virus

    CSK 3AJAThe project was initiated in response to reports in 1995 that a more severe strain of IBDV was presenting in Victoria and NSW. The study aims to characterise these strains, to compare  local IBDV strains with those of other countries, and to determine whether current vaccines provide protection against the recently identified aggressive strains.

  • Molecular Diagnostics for Marek’s Disease

    UJC 7AAThis project aimed to develop simple cost-effective sample collection techniques to detect the presence of a vaccine in the blood of vaccinated birds.

  • Three vaccine trials on Marek's disease

    DAV 145AAThe findings from three trials conducted to assess the efficacy of the newly developed RMIT vaccine against Marek's disease are detailed in the report on this project.

  • Marek's disease vaccine trials in commercial birds

    DAV 158AAThis trial was undertaken to develop effective immunisation strategies for the prevention of Marek's disease using newer vaccines  developed by RMIT Melbourne.

  • Determining the cause and methods of control for ‘Spotty Liver Disease’

    Spotty LiverThis project aimed to identify the causative agent of Spotty Liver Disease (SLD) by both molecular and in vitro techniques, and to assess treatment and control options in the field. The study involved a literature review, and the investigation of field cases and sampling from both affected birds and those in another shed on the same farm, which were not affected. These samples were used to examine the histopathology of affected birds, to undertake genetic analysis of the gut flora of affected and control birds, to examine possible cell-toxicity of sera from affected birds, and to undertake challenge studies to attempt to reproduce the disease.

  • Systematic pathotyping of Australian Marek's disease (MDV) isolates

    UNE 83JAIncreasing the understanding of the evolution in virulence of Marek's Disease virus in Australia, and to providing up-to-date information to the industry was the objective of this study.

  • Molecular epidemiology of Newcastle disease virus in Australia

    CSA 11JAThis project was undertaken in order to achieve the following goals; to develop a better understanding of the epidemiology of Newcastle disease virus, to determine the cause of virulent outbreaks of the virus, to develop a rapid molecular diagnostic procedures and to develop a better understanding of the mutation rates of the virus.

  • The effect of Newcastle disease vaccination with strain V4 on the course of infections with the Peats Ridge strain of Newcastle disease virus

    CSA 18JAThis study sought to deliver data from experiments on whether vaccination with V4 is effective against NDV, the Peats Ridge strain of the virus, and the serological response to infection with the Peats Ridge strain prior to vaccination. 

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