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  • Legumes for poultry: Improvement of lupins and lathyrus for broilers and egg layers by enzyme treatment

    UWA02This research is aimed at making locally-produced legumes, lupins and lathyrus, acceptable substitutes for expensive imports such as soybean meal or animal-protein meals for inclusion in poultry diets. Researchers investigated the role that pectinase enzymes might play in improving the nutritive value of these legumes to increase the digestion of nutrients, improve food conversion efficiency and, at the same time, reduce excessive water intake, wet droppings and soiled eggs associated with these legumes. 

  • New grain legume for layers

    UWA 61ADue to evidence of paralysis in hens resulting from diets including a type of grain called Lathyrus, this study examined long term feeding trials of a new type of grain developed by the Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA). The grain, called “Chalus”, was developed as a high quality option which is low in the neurotoxins that lead to paralysis and is economical for animal feed in Australia. The examination was also conducted in order to demonstrate the safety of the grain and show that production and egg quality were not adversely affected. The present study found that hens were not affected by the small amount of neurotoxins in the diet and did not affect consumers of eggs or bird tissue. 

  • Alternative protein sources for laying hens

    IMG 3The need to expand the protein options available to the poultry industry was the catalyst for this study. The increasing worldwide demand for chicken, particularly in developing countries, will mean that the poultry industry will need to come up with agriculturally and economically sustainable feedstuffs that will provide chickens with protein.

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