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  • Canola meal and Cottonseed meal in broiler and layer diets

    DAQ 264JThis proposes that the Australian egg and poultry industry to incorporate canola and cottonseed meal in poultry diets. Canola and cottonseed meal is proven to be both economical and high in protein.

  • Elimination of "fishy" taint in eggs from hens fed diets containing canola meal

    DAQ 303AAWhen fed canola meal, the presence of a compound called sinapine in the meal often causes hens to lay eggs with a  fishy taint. This study aims to identify the exact levels of sinapine that cause this, and to eliminate the phenomenon.

  • Reducing the use of animal by-product meals in layer diets

    UQ 103AEconomic constraints and public concerns have compelled the poultry industry to increasingly use a range of cheaper, alternative plant-derived feedstuffs in feed formulations and eliminate the use of animal by-product meals. However, use of such ingredients also increases the dietary levels of phytic acid which can have wide ranging ramifications on performance of egg production, quality and nutrient digestibility. This publication details several studies which examined the effectiveness of supplemental phytase in improving the availability of phosphorus, amino acids and energy from plant feed ingredients for laying hens.

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