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  • Alternative protein sources for laying hens

    IMG 3The need to expand the protein options available to the poultry industry was the catalyst for this study. The increasing worldwide demand for chicken, particularly in developing countries, will mean that the poultry industry will need to come up with agriculturally and economically sustainable feedstuffs that will provide chickens with protein.

  • Lupins for Poultry

    WAU 1AALupins are a type of legume which are an excellent source of protein in animal feed. This project had three objectives: to improve the nutritional value of lupins; to reduce the problem of wet droppings by using enzymes to expand lupins; and to generate even greater breakdown of pectin and cell walls.

  • Canola meal and Cottonseed meal in broiler and layer diets

    DAQ 264JThis proposes that the Australian egg and poultry industry to incorporate canola and cottonseed meal in poultry diets. Canola and cottonseed meal is proven to be both economical and high in protein.

  • Improving mycoplasma vaccines - targets for defined attenuation

    UM 54AA2This project aims to improve the effectiveness of mycoplasma vaccines, and to use these findings to  develop new vaccines capable of providing protection against variant strains that may not be controlled by the current generation of vaccines.

  • New Therapeutics for Poultry

    CSA 7JAThe broad objective of this project was to assess the ability of ChIFN-╬│ to increase broiler growth performance, enhance vaccine efficacy and improve disease resistance.

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