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  • Studies of cloacal haemorrhage and beak trimming in the laying hen (II)

    DAV 188AAThe aim of this research project was to find evidence that supported the hypothesis that 2-3% of mortality in commercial egg industries is caused by cannibalism or oviduct dysfunction.

  • Pullet and layer flock uniformity: an epidemiological industry-based approach to improve feed efficiency

    FLHSThis research project aimed to investigate the variability among farms and flocks, for flock growth rates and uniformity, and to establish benchmarks of industry performance. Some laboratory modelling was undertaken on important issues to clarify causal relationships that can then be compared to data obtained from the cross sectional and experimental farm studies. The project showed that high peak production and good persistency of production can be achieved in flocks with an average body weight of 1.8-1.85 kg at 30-40 weeks of age.

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