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  • Attenuation and characterisation of Eimeria spp

    Carton2This purpose of this study was to isolate and purify field strains of E. Maxima and E. Acervulina for suitable use in a live poultry coccidiosis vaccine.

  • Investigations into the management of the darkling beetle

    DAQ 244JAThe darkling beetle is capable of transmitting diseases between chickens. This study reports on previous investigations into the insecticide resistance of darkling beetles, and highlights the need for a control plan.

  • Live vaccines for three species of Eimeria

    DAQ 295JAThe objective of this project was to attenuate two strains of three species of Eimeria in order to candidate vaccine lines in terms of drug sensitivity.

  • National Food Safety Risk Profile of Eggs and Egg Products

    This report set out to identify the following; hazards that enter any point of the food chain for eggs and egg products, potential management strategies for the identified high risk hazards, and product/pathogen combinations in which further risk analysis might be required by risk managers.

  • Enhancing mucosal immunity in chickens

    US 72AInfection in chickens caused by microbial pathogens at the intestinal surface can be a challenge for the Australian poultry industry. However, there are a number of novel vaccination strategies which can enhance antibody production and reduce the incidence of infection and ultimately improve flock health and performance. The series of experiments in this study seek to evaluate these techniques and determine the most effective method for improving chickens’ antibody production levels. These include delivery of mammalian substances to embryos that are known to stimulate an immune response. In particular, the delivery of dietary supplements Vitamin E and the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) were assessed.

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