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  • Virulence of layer farm or egg associated Salmonella isolates

    2 About RDThis research was conducted to evaluate the virulence of Salmonella serovars commonly isolated from egg layer farms, through a study of the pathogenesis of egg/layer farm-related Salmonella serovars in a well-differentiated human intestinal cell culture model (in vitro) followed by a mouse model (in vivo). The study also investigated the ability ofSalmonella serovars to colonise the chicken oviduct organ cultures developed from Salmonella free laying hens. The Salmonella serovars were classified as high, medium and low invasive serovars. The genome of selected high, medium and low Salmonella serovars was also studied.

  • Rapid identification and pathotyping of virulent IBDV, NDV and AI isolates

    CSA 24JAThe objectives for this project were the development, evaluation and implementation of molecular diagnostic tests for the rapid identification of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), Newcastle disease virus (NDV) and avian influenza virus (AIV).

  • Detection of vvIBDV strains and Australian variants in poultry

    CSA 2JAThis topic of this study is the very virulent infectious bursal disease virus (vvIBDV) and was carried out in order to develop a diagnostic test for potentially infected poultry. The study also aimed to confirm that all strains can be differentiated, to further characterise existing strains, and to determine the prevalence of different strains in Australia.

  • Determination of the genomic sequence of Mycoplasma gallisepticum

    UM 45JAThis study follows the University of Melbourne project to sequence the genome of the Mycoplasma gallisepticum disease. This project was undertaken in order to develop a better vaccine against this disease.

  • Development of a live attenuated vaccine for chicken anaemia virus

    UM 37AA2The chicken anaemia virus is associated with increased mortality rates amongst chickens. This study makes considerable progress towards developing a defined attenuated vaccine against the virus.

  • Molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis of infectious laryngotracheitis viruses in Australia

    MU 2AAThe purpose of this study was to determine the virulence and spread of the Australian ILTV virus, in order to establish a genetic marker for the disease. This could then be developed as a tool for investigating the epidemiology of the disease.

  • Further development of a live attenuated vaccine for chicken anaemia virus

    UM 55AAThis study is a follow up to a previous study on chicken anaemia virus and the improvement of a Live Attenuated Vaccine for the virus. The aim of this project was to perform a full assessment of the potential of the mutants developed thus far, determining their safety and efficacy as vaccines delivered in day old chicks.

  • Systematic pathotyping of Australian Marek's disease (MDV) isolates

    UNE 83JAIncreasing the understanding of the evolution in virulence of Marek's Disease virus in Australia, and to providing up-to-date information to the industry was the objective of this study.

  • Diagnostic tools for differentiation of vvIBDV and characterisation of Australian strains

    CSA 15JAThis study aimed to develop a rapid detection tool for vvIBD strains, and to demonstrate that changes in these strains can be clearly differentiated from overseas strains.

  • Molecular epidemiology of Newcastle disease virus in Australia

    CSA 11JAThis project was undertaken in order to achieve the following goals; to develop a better understanding of the epidemiology of Newcastle disease virus, to determine the cause of virulent outbreaks of the virus, to develop a rapid molecular diagnostic procedures and to develop a better understanding of the mutation rates of the virus.

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