The Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) develops and delivers training programs to meet a long term need of the egg industry.

AECL believes that this will benefit the industry by addressing some key issues such as reducing on-farm costs of employing new staff, helping to meet labour shortages and provide workforce development, improving workplace efficiency and supply-chain productivity, increasing product quality and profit, and improving and fostering employee satisfaction. AECL’s goal is to develop a sustainable training program and culture within the egg industry.

 AECL has developed resources for high school teachers and people new to the egg industry (EggStart: induction skill sets) as well as continuing to run its successful Certificate III in Agriculture (Poultry Production).

To ensure success in delivering a highly relevant training program, AECL seeks guidance from industry members for the ongoing development of the courses and resources and to ensure the content of the programs are relevant to contemporary industry practice.

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Upcoming courses

Certificate III

Victoria – Workshop 2: 12-14 June 2017

NSW – Workshop 3: 19-21 June 2017

Qld - Workshop 2: 24-26 June 2017

EggStart - year round

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Victoria - May 22-24 2017


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